I'm getting told that "verification token is not valid" while attempting to register

Our registration system uses reCAPTCHA to try to prevent bots from being able to register. This requires the use of a third-party iFrame and some third-party javascript. Some people have reported that a content-blocker plugin they use prevents this third-party iFrame.

If you aren't seeing a reCaptcha asking if you're a bot as part of the registration process, and you are seeing this message, you may need to tweak your content-blocker to allow this iFrame.

I need to change my email address

Please head to https://login.linux.conf.au/manage where you'll be able to edit your email address.

I have a question that isn't answered here

If your question needs attention from the conference team, please email team at lca2018.org.

If your question is more general, you could look for answers on our wiki, or ask a question on the lca2018-chat mailing list.


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