The first two days of are made up of dedicated day-long streams focussing on single topics. They are organised and run by volunteers and are a great way to kick the week off.

First introduced at 2002, they are now a traditional element of the conference. They were originally intended as an incubator -- both of future conferences and speakers.

The schedule of talks at the miniconfs can be found in the Conference Schedule.

Although delegates who present at Miniconfs are not afforded speaker privileges at the main conference, speaking at a Miniconf is a great way to gain experience, provide exposure for your project or topic, and raise your professional profile.

This year we're excited that the following Miniconfs will be running on Monday and Tuesday:


Organised by Andrew Donnellan

A variety of talks and discussions on kernel and systems programming topics, including technical talks on current kernel developments and kernel community/process.

Open Hardware

Organised by Jonathan Oxer and Andy Gelme

Construct your own robot in the morning, then learn more about open hardware and related software in the afternoon.

Games and FOSS

Organised by Tim Nugent and Eloise Ducky

A single day exploring the interaction of games, free and open source software, and their communities and developers.

Open Source Bioinformatics

Organised by Aaron Darling

This miniconf will make cutting-edge life sciences research accessible to a general audience and promote interaction between the bioinformatics and open source communities.

Community Leadership Summit X at LCA (CLSxLCA)

Organised by Cherie Ellis

An opportunity for Community Leaders to get together in an unconference format and discuss how they can work together to improve their community.

Developers Developers

Organised by Chris Neugebauer

An outlet for the growing community of application developers who attend to talk about how to do software development properly.

Art + Tech

Organised by Kris Howard

Take a look at the creative ways that programmers are using technology to make things that are beautiful, interesting, and sometimes even useful.

Access and Memory: Open GLAM and Open Source

Organised by Fiona Tweedie, Sae Ra Germaine and Clinton Roy

The intersection of GLAM institutions (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) and open source communities.


Organised by Simon Lyall

The Systems Administration Miniconf focuses on professional management of real-world Linux and open source environments, both large and small.

Create Hardware with FPGAs, Linux and Python

Organised by Tim Ansell

Learn how to create your own system on a chip (SoC) with Python, FPGAs and Linux.

Real World Functional Programming

Organised by Fraser Tweedale

Open to people of all levels, come and see how functional programming is being exploited in real projects.

Open Education

Organised by Arjen Lentz

A day on using open tools, open source and creative commons thinking in schools and other education environments.


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